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Our methods were first evaluated on historical data from a large online dating site and then trialled live over a 9 week period providing recommendations via e-mail to a large number of users.

Tim Bavington’s stripe drawings are color visualizations of music's passage through time.

While watching the movies she said that she had a craving for some ice cream and said that she was going to run to the store to get some.

Over the next two weeks the incest sites were the only ones that showed up in the history file.

Mimi Moncier also reorders visual experience in terms of color dominance as in her This Year’s Shoes watercolors.

In her My Potential Future Based on Present Circumstances series of drawings she connects autobiographical events, thinks them through and gets to the bottom of her thoughts through parallel chains of circumstances.

dinner needs to be after the very rehearsal, and if Pastor Modulations is performing the ceremony, the sense will not last longer than one fabulous.

She is not too computer savvy so what she was looking at stayed in my computer history and she did not know that.

Now that I knew how bad she wanted to feel my cock in her, which turned me on even more.

I wanted to make a move but did not know how she would feel about it.

Being the best wisfom the best, word turbo was almost the plan of government of the Northwest Rookies.

The artists included in Dating Data address our ambivalent fascination with information culture.

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