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I am a simple person..a God fearing.willing to love again and expect in return..

I want someone whoe is God fearing,loving and kind person..

And that he always waved at me when he was on his tractor. Carlin had once had children and a wife, but a house fire had killed them all, and left him alone.

That was back when his house was right across the street from ours, before he’d planted the cornfield over it. Carlin was nearing eighty, and my mother told me that this all happened when he was a young man.

He is on the birth certificate so he has parental responsibility so he has rights.

I am taking it to court because the father won't let us leave.I have stayed here for the last 8 years because of my career but I want to go home with my child now and have work set up, starting in January.I have to move out my house here on the 20th December and all of a sudden the father of my child is refusing to let us leave even though he has been entirely disinterested in his son for the last 9 years.https:// I was young, we lived in an old farm house. The snake’s body writhed and struggled beneath the heavy metal. I remember my father telling me that it was more than one hundred years old, and that was the cause for the strange noises in the middle of the night. I was convinced that the noises were just David messing around downstairs. The snake rose up on its belly, bobbing back and forth as most snakes will before they strike. Its tail whipped the ground beneath it, and flattened out chickweed. “If David is going to get you hurt, then he can’t come over anymore! It was the sort of angry shouting that seemed to shake the whole world.

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