There’s also a small wine shop inside, with a wonderfully curated selection of bottles to take away.

For the best Seattle-style food, try Sitka & Spruce in Capitol Hill.

It caught me off guard, how right it felt, and how right it still feels: the views of the mountains, the proximity to water (it’s *everywhere*), the muted silvery light in the winter (yes, it’s overcast a lot, but the rain is no biggie), the thrill in the summer when the sun is out and the days are long.

Seattle is growing quickly, but somehow it still feels wild.

In the summer, the entire city spends most of every day outdoors, or so it seems, and you should too.

Go swimming in Lake Washington, either from the T Dock in Leschi, where there is almost always a band of beautiful people drinking rosé, or from Madrona Beach, which has a handy bathhouse and lots of sand to keep the kids happy.

For an intimate setting with wood-fired pizza, try our restaurant in Ballard, Delancey!

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Take a walk in Discovery Park, located in the Magnolia neighborhood.

Park in the south lot, walk up and over the hill, down through the meadow that slopes toward Puget Sound, and then wind your way down through the woods to the beach.

Oysters here are plentiful, and they’re spectacular: plump, briny, and — a boon for the faint of heart — generally smaller than East Coast oysters.

Though the seafood restaurant is hidden away at the back of a building (facing industrial boatyards and warehouses that serve the local fishing industry), it’s always packed, and well worth the wait.

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If you are looking to hang out at a bar, try Nacho Borracho in Capitol Hill.

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