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This manual should clearly contain the standard working conditions of the software.

These third-party organizations submit a validation report to the developer after the software is tested.

Validation is done at the end of the development process and takes place after verification is completed.

Thus, to ensure customer satisfaction, developers apply validation testing.

We can follow your existing validation procedures or provide your company with validation standards.

Our validation methodology ensures validation deliverables that exceed your highest standards, focus resources towards the most critical system functions, and complete the validation projects in less time (and money).

Failure to validate systems is one of the leading reasons a business is issued a 483.

The acceptance of the software from the end customer is also its part.The aim of software testing is to measure the quality of software in terms of a number of defects found in it, the number of tests run and the system covered by the tests.When bugs or defects are found with the help of testing, the bugs are logged and the development team fixes them.We focus more of our time on testing your software and less time preparing documentation.Ofni Systems will perform risk assessments to focus the validation effort on the most appropriate sections of your system.

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