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Mages naturally attuned to and educated In controlling “Chaos”, the magic of the world.As a Council or Lodge, mages are often seen sided with royalty as appolnted advisors, though have been the target of persecution through “witch hunts” as society rejects the use of arcane arts. Witchers are raised to stay emotionally distant from politics and social Issues, though are considered outcast by many.Geralt's Journey begins with a bang: reulnlted wlth on-and-off lover and sorceress, Triss Merigold, Geralt, his fellow Witchers (including Geralt's father figure, Vesemir) embark on a quest to recover stolen Witcher secrets.The adventure sees them enveloped in conspiracy and conflict, particularly between the militant non-human opposlng, anti-magic Order of the Flaming Rose, and rebellious units of Scoia'tael.

Hls llfe was saved by Yennefer, a raven haired sorceress and lover, who gave her own for his, the two then teleported to safety by an ashen haired girl.

Many theories exist on the Wild Hunt, and some do not consider hem anything more than an Illusion.

Escaped abductees however tell ales of strange alternate worlds, unicorns and elven gardens…Our hero.

Geralt is a veteran Witcher, who awakes at the beginning of The Witcher, five years after his reported death, with an unfortunate case of amnesla.

Geralt's Journey centers around his struggle to regain his memory and identity, re-Iearn the important figures of his past, how he lost his memory and returned from death, and why he is seemingly pursued by a spectral wralth known as the King of the Wild Hunt.

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