Updating the us constitution

If we want to have a government of the people and for the people, we need to ensure that our Constitution makes it impossible for politicians to take power away from the individual voters.As of right now, no one can say that the Constitution does that, can they?So, why is it that there are dozens of senators and representatives that have been in office for decades?Even Donald Trump noted that making it impossible for Congress members to serve more than a dozen years or so would reduce corruption—and even leftists would be inclined to agree.

This is why major swing states like Florida get so much more attention from would-be presidential candidates, and it's also why many political platforms tend to be skewed towards a very small minority of voters in the party.The end result is the runaway use of Super PACs to fund political campaigns.Politicians didn't require too much time to catch on to what this was.This obviously puts the political wants of more moderate people in the backseat.Sadly, since swing states are important, this means that seeing moderate politicians is becoming an increasingly rare occurrence in the United States.

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Needless to say, this alone can dissuade people who obviously don't mesh with the local political scene from voting—and therefore silences them.

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