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In the help menu, select About Firefox The version being used will be displayed in the About Mozilla Firefox menu as displayed in the image below. Accessing the Web User Interface To access the web user interface, locate the IP address for your device using the Amcrest IP Config Tool.The Amcrest IP Config Tool can be downloaded at the following web page: amcerest.com/downloads In the All Downloads menu, click on IP Config Software to begin the free download.To prevent automatic updates from occurring, please refer to the following: In the web browser, click on the settings menu located at the top of the screen.Then in the settings menu, click on the Options icon.In the web user interface, enter the login credentials for your device.

To view your device on the browser you will need to download the plugin.Mozilla released an update on Tuesday that fixed a code-execution vulnerability in a Java Script programming method known as On Thursday, Mozilla issued a second patch fixing a privilege-escalation flaw that allowed code to break out of a security sandbox that Firefox uses to prevent untrusted content from interacting with sensitive parts of a computer operating system.3/ We’ve seen no evidence of exploitation targeting customers.Because during the daily usage of your computer, you often get the message that you need to update Adobe Flash Player.Adobe Flash Player enables you to play flash videos on web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. Adobe Flash has caused many web plug-in vulnerability problems in the past, you have to update it from now and then.

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