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Use Exchange server 2010 or 2013 Power Shell which can update the Exchange version attribute of the distribution group: As a result, the distribution group now shows the correct version and the client will be able to modify the distribution group after AD replication is finished: Please be aware, that upgrading the Exchange version of an object is a one-way-street.

After you upgrade the Exchange version of this distribution group, it cannot be managed or downgraded to the Exchange 2007 level with the Exchange 2007 admin tools anymore: The same holds true where a user with an Exchange 2007 mailbox cannot modify the distribution group membership of an Exchange 2010 or 2013 version distribution group.

It has been confirmed that the group does not appear in the global address list in any client. Get Recipient PSComputer Name : ps.the on premises object.

Starting our analysis in Exchange Online we attempt to pull properties of the distribution list. We can utilize the synchronization services manager installed with AAD Connect to perform a metaverse search.

When working with distribution lists and distribution list membership we must review the locations where this information is stored.

The information in this post starts assumes distribution lists that are source on premises.

Is case you are still using the “Closest GC” registry key on your Outlook client, please remove it, because it is not supported for Exchange server 2010 or later versions and will cause issues, even preventing Outlook connectivity to Exchange server 2013.

Once in Azure Active Directory the list is made available through a synchronization process into the individual workloads such as Exchange Online.Note there is not a single mention of Distribution List in this article.Getting folks to call them DGs as opposed to DLs will be my New Years resolution methinks!!I want to send an email to all the contacts belonging to a certain Category but unfortunately, I can’t seem to sort or filter my Address Book by Category when addressing an email.To overcome this limitation, I thought about creating a Contact Group for this Category but then I run into the same limitation when adding members to this group.

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View: Create a Contact Group from selected Contacts If you want to send personalized or emails to all contacts within a Category, you can use the Mail Merge feature.

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