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Let's look at the documentation on your system for the Getopt:: Long module: Now enter Getopt:: Long in the search box at the top of the web page and follow the first link.

Maybe after this course you will become a contributor! However, we won't be visiting that site again, because it has limited practical value.Instead we'll use the CPAN search page, one of three search interfaces for CPAN on the web that allows you to find modules by searching keywords.Let's suppose you want to find a module that handles ISBNs (book registration numbers).Click on the link for Business:: ISBN (or click here) and you will see the page for that module, written by brian d foy (yes, he writes his name in lower-case letters), author of Learning Perl, 6th ed. You're looking at an HTML version of the documentation for the Business:: ISBN module that you'll get if you install it.Every module that you install or have on your system already comes with its own documentation that you can view in a terminal with perldoc.

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Because as fun as it might be to write your own class, at some point you'll want to save time and use a class that's already written. It is one of the largest, if not the largest, repositories of freely downloadable software in existence.

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