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In this sense, this stage is like lexical analysis, although it does not form numbers from digits.In the next stage, expandable control sequences (such as conditionals or defined macros) are replaced by their replacement text.Among other changes, the original hyphenation algorithm was replaced by a new algorithm written by Frank Liang.Te X82 also uses fixed-point arithmetic instead of floating-point, to ensure reproducibility of the results across different computer hardware, Despite his desire to keep the program stable, Knuth realised that 128 different characters for the text input were not enough to accommodate foreign languages; the main change in version 3.0 of Te X is thus the ability to work with 8-bit inputs, allowing 256 different characters in the text input.

Te X82, a new version of Te X which is rewritten from scratch, was published in 1982.

While such extensions have been created (including some by Knuth himself Te X commands commonly start with a backslash and are grouped with curly braces.

Almost all of Te X's syntactic properties can be changed on the fly, which makes Te X input hard to parse by anything but Te X itself.

Tail recursion of macros takes no memory, and if-then-else constructs are available.

This makes Te X a Turing-complete language even at the expansion level.

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