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In addition to its software, Roo has content creators, “sexperts,” who compose fact-checked responses.

Another employee edits the text to ensure Roo answers in a consistently “friendly, welcoming, non-gendered, nonjudgmental” tone, said Molitor.

This means users can ask personal questions without fearing that peers, parents, or the public will learn their inquiries into topics that can be touchy or taboo.

Indeed, sex education for young people — particularly when this information is coming from Planned Parenthood — can be a polarizing topic in the United States.

According to Molitor, sexual preference is one of the top three topics that users ask Roo about.

Frequently asked questions are listed to users at the onset. “There are many ways to express your gender identity, and however you express your gender is totally valid. It can help to talk things through with a parent or other adult you trust who you think will be supportive of you.”If Roo doesn’t know the answer to a query, it will ask the user to rephrase the question or suggest other resources on the issue that may be helpful.“Roo, in a multitude of ways, [says], ‘Everything you’re feeling is normal and we’re supportive of all of those things. A 2017 report from GLSEN found that less than 5 percent of queer young people reported that their schools taught sex education with positive mentions of LGBTQ topics — despite the fact that queer youth is an at-risk group for HIV.According to the , young people ages 13 to 24 comprised 21 percent of new HIV diagnoses in 2016, with gay and bisexual males especially impacted.To parents concerned their kids are learning about sex online, Molitor stressed that Planned Parenthood’s aim is to bring families into this dialogue.“What we want is for parents to be able to have the conversation with their kids around the topic of sexual and reproductive health,” said Molitor.“And what we would like to do — the same thing as what Roo is doing for teens — is also for parents to have the ability to use all of our resources to have that conversation.”These conversations are necessary. And there’s always accurate information and it’s not equally or always free.

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