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A good chunk of the time we spent was riding along the D&R Canal towpath.

We had a great 15-month run, and I managed to burn off quite a few calories in the process.

But, in the end, it seemed we would make better friends than partners.

So where does one find an eligible person to date in this town? When my daughter was much younger, we went church shopping.

I soon found out that there were some risk factors (he was a recovering alcoholic and was sober for the last year), but he was very earnest in wanting to pursue a relationship.

Being a parent makes you more protective about who you decide to let into your world than if you are completely on your own.

After some conversation about “bladders” he constructed for elaborate cakes he enjoyed making, the unfortunate word choice, paired with the foul scent was just too much to bear. There was a series of dates with people I met through Match.com: a date with an out-of-town lawyer who liked the idea of the sexy librarian stereotype; someone who met me at Starbucks whose face quite obviously changed as soon as I opened my mouth and let out what might be a distinctive laugh.

“You know, I actually made a plan to get some shopping in while in Princeton.

Like most people who get married, I was sure it would last forever. I was living in an illegal sublet on Crosby Street in So Ho and working as a publicity assistant at Viking Press in New York City.

When you’re in love with someone, you think that it will be your superpower. He was doing freelance jobs as a computer programmer and still lived at home, composing ethereal piano music on the side.

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