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The format of this type of events constraints you to KISS (Keep It Short and Simple).

All you are looking for at those (speed) dating events is to make contact, exchange numbers and plan to go on second (slow) date.

On a date, you’d probably not mention how you envisage getting married. Be prepared to lay out the key aspects of your business in less than a minute.

Find a good tagline which captures your business’s purpose in a memorable way to grasp the investor’s attention.

As a last piece of advice, do not let rejection affect your enthusiasm.

Like in the dating scene, conversing with someone new can create anxiety.

Don’t jump in straight in the conversation with both feet. Overcome the anxiety and break the ice maybe by starting with a short anecdote or a quick joke will certainly ease the conversation. Meeting someone uninspired does not mean you have to lower your game.

A speed-dating discussion should feel more like a dialogue.

Obviously, you would want to control the flow of the interchange and make sure you can convey the key highlights of your business to your potential investor.

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