Speed dating dogs

Our viewing lounge and outdoor Bark Garden is a new experience for dogs and their 2-legged friends.

We want you to enjoy social time with your best friend in an exclusive environment where all dogs are approved for membership through our socialization interview to ensure fun for everyone.

Feline fans will be happy to note that there is a Cat Selfie And Caption Contest.

Earlier, a group of shortlisted cat owners and their furry friends had submitted selfies, and the public can vote for the winner.

Up for adoption are 75 cross-bred dogs from seven welfare organisations such as the Causes for Animals Singapore and the Agency for Animal Welfare.

Now in its second year, the Pet Expo is gearing up to be a key annual event in the pet lover's calendar.

Mr Tan says: "I wanted to have a puppy for when Ariel dies." Although Bahu can get defensive at the sight of big dogs - he bares his teeth and barks - he gets along well with people, such as Mr Tan's three children, aged 11, six and two.

She will be taking her Holland Lop rabbit, Igloo, to the event.

After that, they can indicate their interest in any dog by passing its name to a volunteer.

If you have not registered, you can just walk in, but the meetings are arranged on a first-come, first-served basis.

But if there is chemistry, leave your number and it could be the beginning of something beautiful.

Wannabe dog owners who have registered online will each have a 10-minute face time with three dogs.

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