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This happens several times per year and is extremely frustrating. Is there a TSB to prevent this or is there technical reason this happens?? First I want to see if there is a particular TSB and if this behavior originates from Sirius itself or your wife's Q5.Is there a TSB to prevent this or is there technical reason this happens?? Thanks again and look forward to hearing back from you.All my Sirius XM stations are giving me this message.I am not having trouble with any other streaming service (Apple, Amazon, etc) Sirius was playing this morning but not when I went to listen at around PM EST on 9/5/2018. The system just did a software update to the app and controller. Only possible because I work w/ the best teams and leaders in the ? No longer getting signal in parking garages/covered parking like before. If you bought a new car equipped with a Sirius XM satellite radio, it probably came with a free three-month or one-year subscription to the service. Whether you are jonesing for The Beatles Channel or can't go a day without Howard Stern, there is an affordable—sometimes free—way to get Sirius back.Sorry, but no, nothing proven—despite the rumors of hacks for sale on the dark web.However, there are free trials and super-attractive rates to tempt you back to the service or to introduce new users to it.

They had to “refresh” the signal for my radio about 4 times before it was OK. On the other hand, the car’s still brand new, so if you wanna forgo the above, just drop it in the dealer’s lap & don’t take no for an answer. It was delivered to you equipped with the radio by Ford. By the way, I’m counting and documenting the # of repair attempts… I have a 2 month old Ford Fusion hybrid that came equipped with a Sirius satellite radio.About a week after I picked up the car I lost the programming for about 10 minutes, then a message appeared that the radio was [email protected] D @SXM_Help Guess what's not working again? It was fine till about 10am EDT, but then Alexa reported she was "having trouble with Sirius XM right now." You guys keep messing with my weekend morning vibe here. @Sreopelle I bought @SIRIUSXM so I didn't have to listen to dj's flap their gums will all kinds of stupid fill! Only if you don't count @SIRIUSXM advertising themselves! Maybe it's time to cancel and go to internet [email protected] Help @Edwin DJcity Working on multiple MASSIVE projects at the same time. #DJcity #Sirius XM #Beatsource @Deedleanne19 @SIRIUSXM wtf! Then all of a sudden it's playing the ad to sign up and activate my radio???? Just another reason I'm not happy with your services #imdone #siriusxm @MGT7500 @SIRIUSXM Many in the Tucson AZ area are experiencing a weaker signal the last several days.

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