Single parent dating effect on children

This is a psychological effect from being a single parent family and it is causing a great deal of harm to children and parents alike.

Children who don’t get to see their non-custodial parent on a regular basis can believe they are being abandoned by that parent. They may later feel guilty over the separation and may even start blaming the custodial parent.

One such positive is the fact that the child feels as though they are able to take on responsibility within the home.This is another positive psychological effect and an important one too. Having a close tie or bond with a parent is special at the best of times and when it happens in a single parent family, it’s even more special.Creating stronger parent-children relationships are crucial and this can be a psychological impact for both parent and child.The truth is whether a child manifests the impact through actions or remains silent; there will be some type of psychological effect within a single parent family.What are the potential effects of being a single parent family?

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So regardless of what she actually did say, I thought that readers might like to see my take on single mothers.

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