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These devices were created in 1949, but their first practical uses didn’t come until a paging service was launched for physicians in New York the following year.

Today, smoke signals are still used in Rome to signify when a new Pope has been selected.

As technology improved, the telegraph became an audio transponder, where messages were translated based on the interval between two clicks instead of the previously used register and tape.

The Pony Express was a mail delivery service that served communities throughout the Great Plains and across the Rockies in the early 1860’s.

Though the sender is typically unknown, it is an effective way for those within a closed off society to send information or propaganda materials to those on the outside.

This method of balloon mail was used by private activists to distribute leaflets to Warsaw Pact countries from West Germany in the mid-1950s and by South Koreans to North Korea discussing the health of Kim Jong-il.

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