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But it’s been a few years now and he’s still with girl #2 and girl #1 is off with her soulmate so it all worked out.2015 I had a massively obese couple furiously devouring each other ALL NIGHT LONG in the camp grounds next to mine.My friend was coming down from a bad trip and all we could hear for hours was the smacking sound of their flaps and moaning. Just right before Beyoncé set, everyone looked tired and sat in the back waiting (including me and my bf).A couple in front of us were sitting down, the girl was on top and hugging the guy as she’s slowly moving back and forth.They were having sex between hundreds of people and sat right under the light pole.

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A buddy of mine hooked up with a girl in our group the first year or two we went to Coachella.

Then he had just started a fling with another girl and brought her the next year, but hadn’t broken the news to girl #1 yet, so he kind of sleezeballed em both which made camp somewhat uncomfortable as he was going back and forth.

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