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(Tip: you can keep going back to the same place, just take a different and progressively longer route.) There are certain products and tricks you can use to try and calm your dog in the car.

It’s difficult to predict which of these will work for a particular dog, so I recommend trying each of them until you find what works for yours. J explains the dangers of unrestrained pets in this Pet Travel Safety Tip: The best restraint for you will depend on the size of your dog; their comfort level with the restraint; and the type of car, truck, or SUV you drive.

Travel anxiety and car sickness can ruin a road trip before it even hits the highway. Fortunately, quite a few things – give the suggestions in this article a whirl to make Fido a better traveler.

This is called “classical conditioning” (Does Pavlov ring a bell, anyone? And since many dogs don’t always love what happens at the vet, is it any wonder then, that getting in the car can often trigger stress and anxiety for so many dogs?

If you need a less expensive carrier option, you can go with a plastic carrier (like the one below) and secure it to the seat with carrier straps (also linked below).

And if you already have a dog that exhibits anxiety during their car ride, it is possible to modify that association using counterconditioning. You'll notice that the following counterconditioning steps are very similar to the desensitization steps outlined in the process above.

The key with both desensitization and counterconditioning is recognizing that it’s not a race. The biggest difference is that your dog already has a negative association with being in the car versus a puppy who hasn't built any associations (good or bad) when you start introducing them to the car.

The Sleepypod Air In-Cabin serves double-duty for air and car travel.

For larger dogs that will be traveling in the cargo area of your SUV, or even the bed of your truck, a sturdy crate is the best option.

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