Satanist dating a christian

On the Thursday a group of atheists and I were having an argument with a group of Christians.I was being a lot quieter than usual and somebody asked me why.

I explored and researched many religions (joining debate and philosophical societies at just age 11, even winning an award in philosophy from a local college), until finally at age 14 I finally decided to follow The Church Of Satan*, which I perceived to be a haven for the intellectual outcast.I discovered that B had brought E along because he had a background in black magic, something at the time I thought was nonsense, however something in his story I found rather intriguing and also hard to escape.I removed any doubt from my mind about Satanism and left the conversation feeling intellectually superior. On the Sunday I attended the church, sitting at the back looking as cold as possible until the end fellowship time they had.I met the man I had spoken to (I'll call him B) and another man (I'll call him E).They presented me the gospel and answered a few of the questions I had.

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