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Why make the first moves if most men, when they are interested, do it anyway? Plus, I'm not super attached to traditional gender values and rules, so I'm not someone who thinks it is the man's responsibility necessarily.If you don't have a time/place plan for a date then there is not date, yet.I am considering sending a text but have some anxiety about it.

Whenever you have a new gentleman caller in your life, you’re forced to communicate with him … You ask 4-6 of your closest friends if it’s best to end the text with a period or an exclamation point.

She already told him on the date how nice it was to meet him and that she wanted to see him again.

I would do that only if she wants to appear extremely eager/overeager. I had several great first dates that were one and done.

You expressed interest in seeing him again and thanked him for the date.

I think you did more than enough to show interest and I think the ball is in his court to call you to ask you out for another date.

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