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Anna's visit to Patty is particularly sensitively handled, so that can forgive Miller's occasional arty jump cuts.The rape is presented as a violent and un-erotic act, and more about the Dunne's reaction, though Patty's handkerchief wringing on the deciding footage that Kevin sees is unintentionally funny.Cameron's 2017 novel A Dog’s Way Home inspired the 2019 film of the same name.The 2012 sequel to A Dog's Purpose, entitled A Dog's Journey, was adapted by W.Bertinelli has some good moments - her anger at how Kevin diminishes Michael's involvement where she yells in reply `He raped her!

Anna finally erupts with `I'm sick and tired of being pushed around by everybody', to which she is told `Then push back'.

Robert Ford (Sir Anthony Hopkins) with human-like androids, where guests are encouraged to indulge their fantasies and desires. First of all, the score by Ramin Djawadi is absolutely majestic!

The actors, well, whatever I say just won't be enough.

The scenery is gorgeous, it really takes you in the past. Overall, I am amazed ( obviously ), mesmerized and absolutely loving every single thing about this show!

A charismatic Real Estate agent, Kevin Coe, is publicly proud of his mother, a prominent socialite, but privately he must put up with her constant belittlement's and taunts. See full summary » Judith Light plays a married woman who has a brief affair with a very attractive, younger man.

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Elliot, a brilliant but highly unstable young cyber-security engineer and vigilante hacker, becomes a key figure in a complex game of global dominance when he and his shadowy allies try to take down the corrupt corporation he works for.

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