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Later Liang headed to Zhu’s family to propose marriage.Unfortunately, it was too late and Zhu had been betrothed by her farther to Ma Wencai, a son of an high local official.She frequently hinted that she loved Liang when , Zhu professed that she would be a match-maker to introduce one of his sisters to Liang.However, Liang’s family was poor and he did not arrive at Zhu’s family on time.During her trip she met Liang Shanbo, a scholar from Kuaiji, they soon became good friends and then sworn brothers.They studied together in Songshan Academy in Hangzhou for the next three years and Zhu gradually fell in love with Liang.

One day Zhu had to go home as her father missed her so much.

Niulang was very grieved after his wife Zhinu left him.

Driven by Niulang’s misery, his ox should begin to talk and help him fly to heaven to meet his wife.

Niulang was an honest and kind cowherd who lived by himself herding cattle and farming.

One day he met a beautiful girl named Zhinu, the seventh daughter of the Goddess, who had descended to the earth to look for fun.

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