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Some 11-87s have interchangeable screw-in chokes, although barrels are available with fixed chokes.

Most barrels are not interchangeable between 1100 and 11-87 models.

And so do Remington, but it is far too complex to list here.

However, if you get online and visit Gun Collections Online all will be revealed.

The 11-87 is a gas operated semi-automatic (autoloading) shotgun, meaning that some of the high-pressure gases from the burning gunpowder are diverted through two small holes in the underside of the barrel.

The gases force a piston (and the bolt) toward the rear of the shotgun, which in turn ejects the spent shell.

It is based on the Remington 1100 and was first announced in 1987.

The 11-48 differs from the Model 11 in the shape of its machined steel receiver and the use of cheaper stamped steel internal parts.

Sportsman '48 Variation The Sportsman '48 is a variation was designed solely to comply with various US hunting laws.

A: In an ideal world, all manufacturers would agree to incorporate the date in the serial number, in a mutually-agreed formula using plain language.

For instance, at the end of the number the figures 03.2016 could indicate manufacture in March of this year.

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Incidentally, if you buy a new gun, don’t be surprised if it was made last year, or even before that.

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