Pros and cons of dating a cop

They were hot, but it might have just been because they were Brazilian.” Too true: How to tease out the innate hotness of the sport from the players’ country of origin? (In other words, would you absolutely do a Serbian handballer, no questions asked? We got down to work, making our picks of the top 10 hottest athletic types, including the pros and cons of dating/doing each. Cons: As evidenced by this year’s Stanley Cup, prone to fisticuffs and missing teeth. Cons: Unfortunate affinity for bad facial hair and hemp jewelry. Do-able Member: Cleveland Indians’ Grady Sizemore, whose female fans are often seen sporting pink “Mrs. Do-able Member: If you can get past the ego issues, Rafael Nadal. Do-able Member: We had to go all the way Down Under to dig up this one, but just look at Aussie Adam Scott. Cons: There’s just something prissy about a guy who wears all white. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Iowa State University.With all eyes on the World Cup these days, we got to talking. Do-able Member: Evan Lysacek, who swears he wants a girlfriend. The fact that you’d most likely have to relocate to Europe or Latin America.

sexy girls wearing sexy clothes cheap hot clothes best halloween costumes for couples halloween costumes for adult couples. sexy girls with clothes on, teenage clothes for girls!Falls from ladders or from floors in multistory buildings that cave in also contribute to firefighters' injuries and fatalities. The BLS indicates that full-time firefighters in some communities work 50 hours per week or more.The 24-hour shifts and emergency responses also make it difficult to keep a regular balance between work and family.When contemplating this highly respected career path, however, it is important to weigh the drawbacks.As an emergency professional, your work is inherently pressure-packed.

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