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For the merchant, prepaid cards reduce the rate of charge backs and product fraud, since most prepaid cards are purchased in physical store locations with cash thereby reducing the merchants' exposure to credit card fraud via consumer identity theft.

For both banked and un-banked clients alike, prepaid cards maintain the user's privacy and anonymity while purchasing any product or service thereby reducing the risk of identity theft and the like.

One advantage of the invention is that it allows the procurement of dating services without using a standard credit card, thereby limiting security risks.

Another advantage of the invention is that the systems and methods allow the user to retain personal information, thereby reducing the need to disclose personal information to undesirable other users of the dating services.

The systems and methods thereby allow a user to anonymously purchase prepaid funds on a card and subsequently use those funds for a series of online dating options.The central processor identifies the provider and the account number.The central processor inserts the associated value into the account for instance by passing a value insertion request to the provider.In a typical embodiment, a stored-value card is distributed to a merchant for distribution to a customer who has an account with a specific provider of goods and/or services.The stored value card has an associated identifier that can be used to associate a stored value with the card.

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