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Offei managed to come up with 4, refused to pay any more, and the repairman went ahead and released the sex tapes to the public.Besides the noticeable absence of Offei in the area, apparently the women who featured in the tapes have allegedly left town and their whereabouts are currently unknown.Today, young Gambian girls are also involved in the sex trade.Some of them think it is the best way to make ‘fast money’ or bag a husband to take them to Europe.

Prostitution, which is illegal in the country, has gone through some changes in the past years.

Yaw Offei, 50, is apparently the guy behind the whole controversy.

He is a physically-challenged photographer and is apparently both an elder and the choir leader of a local church.

Celebrities are, after all, human, and have urges just like the rest of us. It was which Brazilian Moretti pronounced "wicked boring". Presumably it was in the back of a limo driven by somebody else.

But back in the day, when she was dating The Strokes drummer and NME Hottest Male, Fabrizio Moretti, they went to the opera in New York City. In 2000, when they arrived at the MTV Movie Awards, Billy Bob, with 20-something Angie all over him, proudly admitted to a reporter that they had "f***ed" in the car on the way to the awards.

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