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Success will no doubt bring new names bragging about being here since the ‘Dakota Sands’ days.

It’s turned into something I’d expect from a football messsge board.

It feels like we are waiting for the whistle to blow before we are sent over the top. Institutional investors with large holdings are not in the habit of losing money and will certainly have details of the plan of action over the next couple of weeks.

None of these have sold up and left, surely that is the most telling sign.

As it stands, this surely is a ‘blue chip’ stock in the making. ATVB"However, we shouldn’t ignore the percentage ownership as an overall of the entire fund they’ve used to invest in Sirius...

They are really well derisked on their investment..of those quoted being as 0.x or 0.0x of total fund in sxx."___Very true, they remain invested but it's not like they bet their bottom dollar on Sirius...

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I personally think that the yield of the bond, together with the $2.5 billion JPM facility that its sale will unlock (thereby making the bond more tenable) are factors which militate in favour of a successful bond sale (notwithstanding short-term hiccups, like President Trump's big trap).

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