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You don't have to be the hottest, sweetest, smartest woman in the world – just better than what .

So that he's blessed to have such an Angel like you in his life. You and your boyfriend may have a different perception of “good looking.” While some girl may be beautiful to you, she can be not-so-hot for your boyfriend, and vice versa. Some women try to keep a guy by calling him 24/7 and being overly clingy – this won't work for long.

Once he grows, he'll outgrow his imbecile friends – over time, and they'll just stop getting drunk all the time, nobody will figure out those were your “moves” all along. A girlfriend isn't “perfect” if she doesn't perform great in bed. You can't just be good in bed – you must be better than all of his ex girlfriends combined. When he is nice to you, when he makes you feel loved and special, let him know that you value him and that he's important to you. The happier you are the more effort he'll put into keeping you that way. So, instead of telling him what makes you sad, always remind him what makes you happy – you'll see, he'll work round the clock to give you more of it. Men can also have insecurity issues (even tough we act all tough, most of us are scared shitless!

Hundreds of books have been written for women about sex; unfortunately, most of them are complete nonsense. If you want more romance, organize romantic events yourself, light a bunch of candles, get some champagne. It will make him feel better about himself and your relationship. ) Don't let him get an ego-boost by chasing other women around, instead – give him his “ego shot” yourself.

you shouldn't be making a big deal about small stuff anyway, woman! Your guy will have a hard time to love you if you can't love yourself first. When you love yourself, you are more confident and you radiate a positive energy that draws people to you.

In order to keep him, you'll have to continue being better than any potential chick (the) that may come along. Instead of putting pressure on him, checking on him, where is he, why is he there, who is he with, when will he be home, why he did this and not that etc. Instead of doing that, chillax, and let him be free (within) your relationship.

The problem with the “be better than his ex's” theory is that… The easiest way to keep a guy is by being able to let him go.

if his ex girlfriend could do stuff in bed which you can't – you'll have to step your game up. Work on it if your goal is to be perfect for him, and erase any other woman from his sexual memory, forever. The less you try to control his every move the more control you'll have over him, because when you trust him 100%, he will trust you back and give his best to maintain that trust.

Having something going for you ensures that you make each other stronger, not weaker. If you didn't already know, here's how men function relationship-wise.

We compare everything to past personal experiences. You need to be a better, and a more “perfect” girlfriend, than all of his ex girlfriends combined.

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