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If you have this problem, troubleshoot the issue on the web, that is strictly a problem with your connection status.The download instructions are the same for the PS4 roster as they are for Xbox One, only you have to replace the search criteria in instruction C to "Skillaz Kill" Xbox PC Instructions The steps to download the most updated roster on PC are more complicated, but it's worth it for the authenticity. view=detail&df_id=10469 (You must create a modded folder on your PC along this path: Steam Library/steamapps/common/NBA2K18 Once you have the "modded" folder, you can drag all of the contents from the linked download above into it.You may be saying, "There are only six divisions, what are the other three slides for? I've given the international squads a slide, as well as the classic teams and free-agent pool.Take a gander at the ratings and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.You'll have a ball with the new Pro Stick playing with these guys.Best Passer: Chris Paul, Clippers—94It seems pretty clear that 2K Sports believes Paul is the best point guard in the NBA as well. Only Rajon Rondo of the Celtics has a higher mark in this category.If that isn't worthy of a 93 overall, then I don't know what is.

Xbox One Gamertag: Bryan Dfor3   If you do not see a list of community uploaded rosters at this point in time, you are not connected to NBA 2K's server.

He has an 81 three-point shooting rating, but his dunk number could be a little higher. Most Overrated Player: Eric Bledsoe, Suns—82The man they call mini-Le Bron, per Greg Esposito of, is certainly a physical specimen, but his 82 overall rating is based on potential and athleticism only.

He's never averaged more than 8.2 points per game, he shoots just 43 percent from the field in his career and 31 percent from three.

fans are in that holding period between releases where last year's game is a little too old to keep playing the way you were four months ago, and the new game is so close, that you want to experience some of the new content the latest release will bring.

, but the 2K roster-creation community has again come through with offseason rosters to tide gamers over until September 7 when the new game is available.

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The Pacific Division is likely the most aerially dynamic.

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