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Austin Nichols was virtually knitted to his side for a year or two in contrast so that's a bizarre thing to say. Brandon is stuck playing the cradle-robbed hubby of Lesley Anne "Mrs.Robinson" Down, while Nadia's character might has well be named "Ho-ee" for her slutting through Salem's menfolk.I wonder if it pisses them off that they just seem there to "look pretty" nowadays?[quote]Even if she was there, why would taking a public female friend out to a game be an overriding factor to taking your secret boyfriend out?It was a brief thing that ended before it got any press and by the time they heard about it there was nothing to sniff out.

But the overriding reaction from Jake's large fangirl base was 'he's out with his buddy, ahhh' and they slammed any notion that there was anything more to it so, as r105 says, you could get away with hiding in plain sight from a PR pov. She is hardly on and the guy she's paired with, Shawn Christian, is about to find out he has a kid with Crystal Chappell's character while NB's character is barren. I have gay friends who bring their straight buddies there because it's a sports bar, which I guess makes being in a gay bar less intimidating for them.

R57, you seem to know an awful lot about a complete stranger's "type." I remember the Charlie Shaffer story, and it was actually much more credible than anything that's been speculated more recently about Jake, with much detail about how they met and how long they went out. I guess each of us is stupid in his/her own way."All the Austin stuff, including the pictures of them together at a Lakers game, are almost entirely based on conjecture.

All the Austin stuff, including the pictures of them together at a Lakers game, are almost entirely based on conjecture. He talks about their relationship every day on his Twitter: Well, I was going to say that my post was about your repetition. Nichols's girlfriend was with them at that particular game where they were papped, but she was conveniently cropped out of all the photos posted here and on other gossip sites online." Ah, R60, you went too far. Just keep telling yourself that over and over and maybe, just maybe, you might truely believe it one day.

But hold on, Beemer claims on his myspace that he's straight and lists Lance and Reichen as among his top friends. He has been in a relationship with Nadia Bjorlin from Days of Our Lives for quite some time now.[bold]Jake and Neil Patrick Harris[/bold]My friend is a reporter for one of the gossip sites that is often mentioned here.

I have heard BB and Nadia are together but they have a male third party join them for their mutual pleasure. I can't reveal his name but let's just say " playing doctor" would be right up this guys' alley."I know he's gay but isn't Brandon Beemer out for all practical purposes? She said that is was well known in the industry that NPH and Jake ( yes THAT Jake) had a fling about 5 summers ago.

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