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My parents would flip." Connor Robinson piped up, "Man, the whole point of this show is to get laid. " David chuckled lightly at his friends, who were all sex-obsessed.

The first words out of Connor's mouth upon learning that David had got the go-ahead from MTV were, "Ooh, David's gonna get laid," and after that, all the other guys had joined in.

Each guy has to pick a place to take Lizzie on a date. Disclaimer: Lizzie Mc Guire doesn't belong to me; the dating show "Dismissed" is MTV's. " Eighteen-year-old Miranda Sanchez frowned as she plugged her ears with her fingers, drowning out the sound of her best friend's screeching. I can't believe anyone would willingly subject themselves to that." Miranda rolled her eyes.

Also, each guy has a time out card to give to the other when he wants to be alone with Lizzie. Miranda loved Lizzie, she really did, but she was not happy about potentially going deaf. Luckily, this one didn't last as long as the previous. "Lizzie -- we're on spring break in , you haven't dated anyone seriously since high school, and you'll get to be on TV.

Never in her wildest dreams would Lizzie have thought that would be the girl that two desperate guys were slobbering over, especially when it wouldn't be out of her own free will.

Sex isn't my top priority." At that, Connor and Justin looked shocked. " For the hundredth time that night, David rolled his eyes.

~ By the time the day of the show arrived, Lizzie had more or less calmed down.

His friends had told David that the girl was named Elizabeth but went by Lizzie, but they had been too drunk to remember what her last name was. "Um, I'm Elizabeth Mc Guire, but everyone calls me Lizzie.

But that was okay with him -- as long as he got to where he was going to meet her, it didn't really matter.

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Flashing Miranda a bright smile over her shoulder, Lizzie disappeared from the room. The driver said something to her, she nodded and then smiled, and then made her way over to where David and John were standing. As in, his high school best friend Lizzie Mc Guire? " David asked incredulously after a moment, interrupting John in the middle of his introduction. I had my first impression of her eighteen years ago when she was born, and it still stands: Lizzie is absolutely amazing.

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