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i dont like lies and dont like cheats or people who believe there are better and special than others.. I love meeting new people and developing new frie... My time is limited but I do have time for the right person. Im interested in learning more about my background.

I love long walks and sight seeing, actually new to this online dating stuff and hoping to... My name is anna i live in berwick pa i have two boys which i are my world my second love is tattoos i have about 15 i also love rock music, dancing,writing,snakes.

In theory I'm fine with it, but I don't know if in practice if I actually would be. I'd definitely have to meet the guy and get all the necessary dick-measuring out the way before I'd really be able to give you an answer. Anyone's welcome to host or participate in an AMA.Although they're fine with me being in two relationships I still have to meet the expectations of a boyfriend.. Another disadvantage is that it's generally not accepted in society, so my relationship with the mom isn't entirely out in the open.We still go out together in public and stuff, but as my friends and family know I'm just dating the daughter. They both have different interests and stuff, so some things that one of them might not be interested in I can do with the other. Although having two relationships is a lot of work I think the reward is worth it.Neither of them have ever expressed any difficulty in dealing with it, but there's still basic guidelines I follow.It's stuff that's pretty much common sense; don't really talk about what we do in bed with the other, stuff like that. First off, it takes more time, energy, etc (money), than just dating a single woman.

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After I'd been dating the daughter for about 5 months she started talking to me about my interest in her mom, saying she was okay with it and everything, and asking me a lot of questions. I'm totally only interested in you.", but she eventually wore me down.

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