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This is fairytale stuff, with Cinderella just turned into a young male for a bit of a twist.But he doesn’t need any surprises, because what he’s working with is basic stuff that will appeal to any young man who has ever spent hours daydreaming about landing that perfect date.

It’s also as heavy-handed as usual, in places, but I can easily forgive it while smiling a dopey, satisfied smile as the end credits roll. I’ve always loved Mary Stuart Masterson since first seeing her so her turn as Watts here is just a delight, with the only problem being that she’s so much cuter than Lea Thompson in my eyes that I never understood why the main character would want to be looking around at other girls.Every time I revisit this movie I worry that I won’t like it as much as I used to.I’m so much older now, the pain of teenage dilemmas a thing of the past (and thank god for that).Maddie Corman is okay, playing the annoying sister who really, deep down, cares for her brother, and Molly Hagan does fine with her minutes of screentime, but the person almost walking away with the film is Elias Koteas, playing a blunt skinhead who turns out to have a bark that’s a lot worse than his bite.By the time the end credits roll, he’ll be someone that you’ll wish you’d seen more of.

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I’m more cynical, I spend less time daydreaming (apparently) and I just won’t be affected as I was a couple of decades ago.

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