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Olsen also chimed in during that interview, explaining that staying off social media is how they stay private."Because we don't dive into that whole world [of social media] and we don't have Facebook, we've never been connected to our fans in that way.Jarnett Olsen (mother) Date of Birth: 1954 Jarnie (nee Jones) is a former ballet dancer and one time wife of David Olsen.In 1995, Jarnett and Dave divorced but at that time she was already the mother to four of the Olsen kids.Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are unarguably the most popular siblings in the Olsen dynasty and they are fraternal twins who have now become one of the wealthiest young females in the entertainment industry.Date of Birth: June 13, 1986 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Mary-Kate and Ashley made their first entrance into the entertainment world when they cast as Michelle Tanner in the TV sitcom (1992).Mary-Kate has been married to French businessman Olivier Sarkozy, 49, since 2015.Since leaving Hollywood for the fashion world, the Olsen twins have been remarkably successful at keeping their private lives out of the spotlight.

After his divorce in 1995 with the twins’ mother, Dave married Mc Kenzie Olsen on March 10, 1996 and they have two kids together.

We both love fashion, music, hanging out with our friends and watching good movies, but the basic difference?

Probably that Mary-Kate loves to ride horses and I love to dance more.

Her friends used to travel with her and her sister, Mary-Kate Olsen, to their filming locations.

For many of you, the Olsen twins are not strange names. This article is for both sects of people as it entails some stuff you never knew about the Olsen family.

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