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'I wonder if she really thought I was like that,' she mused, 'or if she was just too attracted to care?'"All right," Kotone said wit a nod, "I'll help.""Good," Rin smiled, but Kotone wasn't done."I should warn you," Kotone added with a impish little smile, "I still intend to try and convert you.""I should have known," Rin sighed. Some genuine A Good Boys that we just want to scratch behind the ears and give them a box of m...― ANNCast 355 - Series Review: Fushigi Yugi Zac, Lynzee and two special guests - Anime Feminist's Caitlin Moore and the unstoppable Bamboo Dong - drop by to inhale and recontextualize Yuu Watase's early 90s...― At first glance, or at least the first few chapters, Take's Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out seems to trade in the sort of obnoxious comedy that stems from making its main character as uncomfortable as possible.PAX West is happening this weekend alongside Crunchyroll Expo, meaning there's a lot of news happening for people who care about anime and games. Cop Craft is the newest fantasy buddy cop adventure from the creator of Full Metal Panic!

And for this week's edition of The List we are talking about five of the best anime dogs. Sakurai, a university junior, has been stuck with so...― Hey everyone!" Rin growled out, clutching the katana that she always carried at her side as she glared at him."Calm down," Kuriko put a hand on Rin's arm, "you're not Yuna, remember? As the two girls look at her in surprise she continued, "That's pretty much the same conclusion I came to."Rin switched her glare to Kuriko, "You can't be serious.""Rin, you know how determined they are," Kuriko said, and calmly reminded them all of the muffin incident. Rin rose with dignity as she said, "I'll consider what you've said."There was a moment of quiet as they watched Rin walk off then Yuna asked, "Do you think she'll try it?The last time Rin took cooking class, she burned and otherwise mis-cooked a batch of cocoa muffins, but still a delegation from both the Literary club girls and the kendo girls all tried to steal them. ""I don't know," Kuriko admitted, "but it'll be interesting to see what happens."Rin frowned as she walked, silently wrestling with the problem.Maburaho: Love trouble"This is getting very annoying," Rin Kamishiro scowled as the pink letters fell in a wave around the dark violet haired girl's feet.Despite her not being interested in them at all, every day Rin found her shoe locker stuffed with love letters sent by female fans.

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