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I’ve tried my best to use only those I could confirm.The letters below range from the polite and apologetic to the cruel and mocking—rejection being an art, it seems, in its own right. From Howard Moss at I’m sorry we decided against these poems.Getting rejected by someone you like can feel terrible.Because of that, it's not uncommon to feel the need to soften the blow when you're in the position to let someone down."No matter what you do or say, some people are going to be overly invested in the outcome," Dating Expert and Advice Columnist, Deborrah Cooper tells Bustle."People do not have the power to 'make' anyone not feel hurt.

Everybody gets rejected at some point, including young, aspiring short story writers who go on to win Nobel Prizes in literature.

"Most people have had the experience of wanting to minimize the hurt of the person they are rejecting," Freedman said in a press release. " For one part of the study, Freedman and colleagues surveyed over a thousand people and found that 39 percent of people said attaching an apology to a social rejection, like going on a second date, was a "good way of saying no." However, when asked to put in the rejected position, those same people reported to having higher levels of hurt feelings.

So despite thinking it's helpful when you're the one rejecting someone, they don't actually believe it's helpful when the tables are turned.

We like the second section of AMNESIAC very much, but cannot see any relation between it and the first section. But would you think over the possibility of printing the second section alone under that title?

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