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I used the plural noun “anomalies” because what else can we call our weddings but that?

And of course, the bride is never present when the “Nikah” takes place or at any time during the proceedings.To feed into the Shia victim mentality, there will invariably be the recitation of Hadith-e-Kisa, followed by recitation from the Holy book (Arabic and English, to cater to some of the foreigners who are invited to bear the punishment of boredom), and of course a little (30-minute) of majalis by a Mullah.Those sermons are normally very dull and full of advices to the protagonists, citing the relationship the Prophet or the Imams had with their spouses.There is a lot that is revealed, without a word being spoken, in weddings celebrated by the members of our community who have opted to live in the West.The actions show that the members of the community are uncertain and by a large measure, confused.

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