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He is working on a project called The God Complex, which is immersive theater.

He is also a choreographer, and a cast member in Punchdrunk’s “Sleep No More.” You also might have spotted him in Britney Spears’ music video, “Hold It Against Me.”The season 10 Latin Ballroom contestant was eliminated, but she’s still dancing.

I am the father of kids who were in their teens when this book was released—a baby boomer who fully embraced the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s and who came to faith in Christ during the mini-Great Awakening (is that an oxymoron? Like many Christ-followers of my generation, we passionately did not want our children to make the mistakes and to embrace the culture that we in our sinfulness had created.

So many of us fell off the horse in the other direction.

Our own children have taken a balanced view of dating for our grandchildren.

But, Tim, give us Christ-following boomers some grace here!

Josh Harris’s book simply reinforced our desire that our children not fall into our sins.

Many of us have now asked forgiveness of our adult children for our rigidness and in many cases our children have forgiven us.

However, it was a useful corrective for me in that I had imbibed the world’s way of dating. I think as any observer of our culture can see that the contemporary standard does not work very well. These weren’t even as rampant the almost 20 years ago when the book came out.

He has since been nominated for an Emmy for his choreography on the show.

He’s also teaching and performing with American Dance Artists and Evolution Dance Company.

Others have started acting and made their Broadway debut.

Here are some of the greatest dancers from The contemporary dancer competed in season five but was eliminated after making the Top 6. He danced with Beyoncé at the 2010 Grammy Awards and was in Rihanna’s “Hard” music video. The season 6 and 7 contestant is working more in theater.

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