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In working with dozens of business owners, I’ve realized that intimidation is a common problem amongst them. In the six years or so since this conversation, I’ve sold my businesses and become a coach to other entrepreneurs.People have different reactions to the same or similar inputs,[9] and under job tension, people may use influence strategies more.[10] Stress can trigger our fight response, in turn cuing intimidating communication as an act of self-protection.[10,11] Intimidation is a reaction to job tension through fight tactics, intended to protect and preserve valuable resources.[10,12,13] As entrepreneurs, we have no shortage of stress in our lives.

There is another reason we entrepreneurs can be deemed intimidating: stress.

Inflexible in your opinion, you employ the power of your position as manager to manipulate the conversation and win their cooperation.

Whether or not it is a conscious choice, you never intend to incorporate their ideas and this comes across to them.

This is why it is so confusing to be called intimidating.

We work hard to foster creative, inclusionary cultures, where intimidation is never acceptable.

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Later, I asked Tim what makes a good bookkeeper, and he told me that a bookkeeper should be “a diligent, focused bean-counter.

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