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Archeeta Pujari is a 23-year-old Investment Banker.

Cooking, painting, writing and Harry Potter are the great loves of her life!

As you know, I finished school with top grades and secured a place at an excellent university to read the subject deemed best for me by my parents.

Despite finding it both unchallenging and uninteresting, I finished top of my year, and went on to be hired by one of the largest and most reputable firms in the world.

While my peers learnt about puberty and growing up, I sat alone in the library with my mother’s sharp words that there was no need for me to be learning about such things rang in my head.

I was invited to discos and movie nights and parties, but of course, I could not go.

– Follow @Eeta Cheeta Bix I love you, but we cannot be.

When I was 10, and the topic of my conversations among friends began to veer away from TV shows and made-up games towards boys for the first time, I was withdrawn from sex education at school.And only an Indian parent has the strength, the unshakable mettle, to put honour, tradition and duty above all else, even an only daughter. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I will always be followed by a billion eyes, and a billion tongues, watching my every move, judging me at every turn, ready to shred me to pieces at the first sign of falter.For I am an Indian girl, and this is the burden I have been raised to bear.You do understand, of course, that this was all for my own good. They only wanted to give me the best education, the best career and the best shot at life in this foreign country of dreams, with no unnecessary distractions.So I did my best for them, I made sure that their sleepless nights and tears and raised voices didn’t go to waste.

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