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But if you don’t have anyone at all, this is definitely a red flag.

An ice princess’s favorite game is the guessing game. She won’t tell you what she wants, and you have to figure it out. There’s a reason why so many pop songs have been written about the “ice princess” (“She’s as cold as ice,” “She’s so cold”); it’s because she is the most torturous and confusing breed of female.

There’s definitely an allure surrounding an ice princess. Spin-off terms for ice princess include “heartbreaker,” “drama queen,” and “heinous bitch.” Just like in job interviews, a hand shake is an important gesture that says more about a person than words sometimes.

Men fall for her because she appears to be pretty, quiet, and demure, playing a little hard to get. A weak hand shake can often signify a cold person, someone who lacks feeling and personality.

If you do figure it out, you win by getting to play again only with another issue. She has managed to mystify everyone from Roy Rogers to Mick Jagger to Usher.

In 2012 she was moved to a special mausoleum at the Republican National Museum in Gorno-Altaisk.

The plateau, part of the Eurasian Steppes, is characterized by a harsh, arid climate.

The area is known by the local people as the “second layer of heaven,” one step above ordinary people and events.

All women have the right to a blow-up, mood swing, or bad day every now and then, but if her coldness seems to last longer than a Siberian winter, it may be more of a character trait then was apparent when you met her.

Use this guide of 10 ice-cold attributes to diagnose if you've stumbled into a relationship with arctic royalty.

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