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But, at the same time, girls expect us to pursue them, but not in a dating context because of the negative stigma given to that construct.

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So we are forced into the exact same context mentioned above, hanging out with the girl we like, allowing her to get to know us in a nonromantic context so that she can determine whether she could marry us again, you can't determine how romantically compatible you are with someone in a nonromantic context. Us guys are given so many mixed signals, because we're expected to pursue the girl like Christ pursues the Church thanks, Francine Rivers, for giving every Christian woman the expectation that a good Christian man will be a cookie cut-out from Redeeming Lovebut then again, if we do any kind of pursuing and the girl isn't already convinced that she could marry the guy, then we get shot down.

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Having always been told to wait for God to bring this ominous "One" to us, to kiss dating goodbye, and that God has sculpted said "One" just for us, we have this hopelessly naive and incorrect idea that if we sit around, living our romance-free and happy lives which, let's be honest, is unfortunately a bit of an oxymoron in our culture God is going to make romance happen to us and another unsuspecting, beautiful, godly, pure individual.

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