I hate online dating

(Women also supposedly blink more and look in the mirror longer, but that has no bearing on this point.

If a guy doesn’t include one shot that shows his head, then it will appear as though he’s hiding something. Hiding what you think is a flaw can end up revealing your insecurity, and that’s just not attractive. Over the years that I’ve been a profile writer, I’ve seen countless online dating photos of men with their arms around other women, drinking with beach babes, and posing with half-naked showgirls.They left her with the impression that she wasn’t worth the effort.She ended up removing her profile because, she confided, the experience was causing her to take a negative view of men. All you have to do is read a woman’s dating profile and get a sense of what matters to her.Too many men don’t make an effort to write their dating profiles, let alone write them in a way that’s remarkable. Though I think you should craft your entire profile with care, at least spend time with the most important part—the opener.Here are two techniques to make it as engaging as possible: 1) Start with a brief anecdote that leads smoothly into some of your interests.

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