I am dating a rock star

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Alberto’s high school years were quite the struggle and could not attract a woman to save his life.

Now we’re both stable again and things are confusingly wonderful. We harshly make fun of one another’s dates and always take each other’s advice when it comes to ditching someone who isn’t good for us. I’m not the kind of person who needs to be affirmed by my relationships, and it seems that the strong boundaries of our “relationship” work so well because they are elusive and undefined, no mess no fuss.

And, unlike most stories that contain that phrase, things got even better.

We have a million things in common, and he reads me so completely. You’re not wrong to have strong feelings for this guy.

He spent years and over a hundred thousand dollars to learn all these secrets, strategies, mindsets and techniques.

Now he wants to share all of them with other men, so they can have his skill set without having to spend a decade of their life and all that cash.

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Hey Race and Matt, I just wanted to update you, my new relationship continues to be extraordinary.

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