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After granting our client's emergency hearing the court not only reunited our client with her son, the father was removed from the marital home, and he was sanctioned over ,000.00 in attorney fees for his wrongful conduct.In addition, our client was later awarded primary physical custody of her son and the father given alternate weekend parenting time. * In a recent change of domicile matter, our client was served with a motion to change his child's domicile from the State of Michigan to the State of Georgia.The child was later placed in counseling with a child psychologist who specialized in child sexual assault trauma.

The State wrongfully assumed our client was the presumed father and after receiving our answer to the complaint, and affirmative defenses, the complaint was dismissed. * In a recent divorce matter, the Plaintiff-husband demanded sole legal and sole physical custody of his child.

After receiving our detailed response attacking the Plaintiff's factual and legal assertions the Plaintiff-father dismissed his motion on the day of the hearing. * In a recent hotly contested divorce matter, our client and her mother were the owners of a family owned restaurant.

Our client alleged that her husband placed a fraudulent lien on the business property in an attempt to profit from the proceeds of the restaurant sale outside of the divorce proceedings.

Our client vehemently objected to unsupervised visits.

After three days of testimony it was proven that the father didn't yet have the skills to properly care for his children unsupervised and he exposed them to marijuana use at their grandparents home.

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