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" laughed Lockon Tieria stared on in annoyance as the three meisters made their way down to the mess hall. Of course the reason to why Allelujah wanted two separate rooms for Marie and himself was for the sake of formalities in relation to going out on dates.---------(end flashback)----------- -Hallelujah grunted within the mental recesses of Allelujah mind. " Allelujah turned towards his unlocked front door to be rewarded with the sight before him.There stood Marie within the door way dressed in a yellow sundress with her usual hair style with the additions of a straw hat and sandals plus a small purse and light open sweater. Marie smiled back "you don't look so bad yourself".Allelujah closed his eyes and chuckled again and then reopened them."Then let us begin our date shall we" smiled Allelujah as he walked up and took Marie hand in which then he locked his door and guided Marie out of the building.

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First Date This is my first fic so any reviews you can give me would be nice.

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  1. Believe me, it would be so much easier for me to walk out into a campsite, point at each scout, assign a task, and ensure each one does it exactly as I would do it, but then they’re not doing it themselves, and more importantly, they’re not learning to lead. Our job is to take what Dodge City produces and gentrify it to the point that we can let it loose in Boston without causing mass chaos.