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A: Well no, because what I did, the way I sort of convinced myself - And I don't really know what it looks like, because I've only seen a rough cut of the film, without all the FX in the end - But what I did was say, "What if they were all blown into the Hiroshima shadows, which are already set up in the book?

It isn't just [that] you get a little spot of blood, and then you put a band aid on it and you're all better.

Originally released by United Artists, the film is now in the public domain.

In Bangor, Maine in 1824, a cruel young girl named Jenny Hager pushes a terrified Ephraim Poster into a river knowing he cannot swim.

When he recovers, Poster must make a trip to his lumber camps.

In the face of every complaint and every grievance, you’ve made it clear that the real issue is that I’m either sinful, heretical, immoral, foolish, unenlightened, selfish, consumerist or ignorant. Maybe it is me, but me is all I’m capable of being right now, and that’s where I was really hoping you would meet me.Her father, an abusive, drunken widower, whips Jenny after learning of her flirtation with a sailor.She secretly schemes to wed the richest man in town, the much older timber baron Isaiah Poster (Gene Lockhart), while his son Ephraim (Louis Hayward) is away at college in Cambridge. I think the consequences of violence should be shown graphically, just to show that violence is unpleasant. A: It relates to the whole question about violence in the whole thing.

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