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First of all, the fact that you use the word "incriminating" (even in quotes) makes you offensive because it reveals your mindset (you could've used "way more convincing"), but since you used it, how exactly do you define "way more incriminating"? We can tell the difference between straight guys goofing off by grabbing each others' crotches and genuine affection as displayed by these two. Second, I don't believe for even a moment that your brother has any pictures of himself doing anything in the vicinity of *holding hands* or one where he has his hand wrapped around his straight friends head as they're cheek-to-cheek.

Cue the "He's British/European and they're less uptight" bullshit.

), and yet you'll believe some rumor about a model in '07/'08 and merely a claim of pictures? Probably difficult to find because why on earth would a model and an actor have pictures together?

Unheard of for people in those two professions to be photographed, and together no less. The guy is absolutely gorgeous and he lived in LA, so where are the pictures of him hanging with young, wannabe models/actresses during that time?

It's one thing if HC wants to stay in the closet, but your gay "friend" shouldn't have to announce you're straight. It doesn't prove anything re: his sexuality any more than an actor like Mads Michelson, who is quite convincing at creepy serial killers. I think there are a lot more reasons to be suspicious of this man's sexual orientation, but that stupid clip is not one of them.

This quote from the poem at R22/R23 makes me believe Corey had sex with the man to whom he dedicated the poem: "Creases of strength and sweetness make me know how much I am."The creases on his man's body taste very sweet, so Corey must have kissed them.

R11, it's not just one factor we are looking at, but a serious of factors. Creases of strength and sweetness make me know how much I am.

Even with what I've stated above, I'm not going to be adamant in believing he's gay, but your reasons for why you think he isn't are ridiculous.

He comes off like a genuinely nice guy and no doubt he is, but you don't make it in Hollywood -playing Superman no less- unless you're prepared to play pr games and make certain sacrifices. If he's gay, at least he didn't pull a Luke Evans.[quote]The young Luke Evans had an easier time coming out because he was in theater in London. have you seen him with a woman in the last few years? Two reminders, since people seem to have forgotten:1) Corey Spears was formerly involved with "Real World: Miami" alum Dan Renzi.

The only question is if the other one is pretending to be straight.[quote]Well, that really doesn't mean much since in this case, we know one of these guys ain't pretending to look gay, he IS gay. I think you'd have to be borderline nuts not to assume they were fucking at some point. If people want to debate Cavill's sexuality, fine, but the ridiculous excuses involving how their straight guy friends/brothers/cousins/neighbors/mailman do similar poses and therefore, Cavill can't be gay, is so fucking stupid. I think you'd have to be borderline nuts not to assume they were fucking at some point. I think an alarm goes off every time DLB or Daley are mentioned in any thread. People like you seem to think the very mention of either of them means it becomes a Daley/DLB thread. I didn't understand those, because he never ended up in a gay relationship (publicly, anyway). In the case of Henry Cavill & Corey Spears, at least we know that at least one of them is gay.

I'm sure I'm not the only one telling you you're a tad obsessed with those two. But I am interested in DLB & Tom Daley, as are most people on the gossip sites right now. And at least we know that Tom Daley & DLB are a real gay couple, so why shouldn't we talk about them?

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Or was he such a serious thespian that it was beneath him to do so?

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