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Now if you’ve watched an episode of , you probably have a good idea of how gestures and non-verbal cues could tell a lot about a person.

These cues give a subtle glimpse of the person’s personality, motives, and if they’re telling the truth or a lie.

So take note and learn about your own hand mannerisms and avoid using the gestures that would put you in the wrong side of your date’s graces.

[Read: 14 signs you’re ruining your first dates unknowingly] #2 Don’t overdo it. Think of it as a finishing touch to your words in a conversation or a playful indicator when you want to elicit a reaction.

[Read: 13 important traits that are sure to draw women to you] – Fixing your cuffs or your cufflinks.

Examples include: – Straightening your coat before you sit or when you stand.

Not only does it direct attention to your dapper suit, but it gives you the aura of being a dignified, well-bred person.

So give your lapels a slight tug prior to sitting and after standing.

This gesture is an overt sign that you are interested in your companion.

[Read: 18 clear giveaways that your date really likes you already] #6 Preening.

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